Don’t we all want that to be true!… But it could. According to PCGS grading company and realized auctions all over the world an MS67+ (and above) steel penny can bring you thousands of dollars! Unfortunately, most of the ones found now a days are in poor circulating condition. 1943 steel cents are U.S. one-cent coins that were struck in steel due to wartime shortages of copper. A few were minted on a copper planchet and those are the ones to keep on the look out. They are considered an error. An estimated 40 examples are believed to have been struck, with 13 confirmed to exist. The error occurred when copper planchets were left in the press hopper and press machines during the changeover from copper to steel blanks

 Keep in mind that 1943 steel pennies were 684,628,670 minted, so even though your chances of finding one are high, the ones in MINT condition are quite hard and expensive.

America’s Favorite Gun Model



  • Left side of the slide is engraved “Silver Star 45”
  • Right side of slide marked “Colt Government Model”
  • Top of the slide has a matted finish while the rest of the gun is polished stainless.
  • 2 muzzle brake: satin and satin/ polished stainless
  • 2 Wilson 45 ACP barrels
  • Bomar cut competition rear sight
  • Buffalo Horn Grips engraved eagle on both sides
  • ***ONLY 1000 OF THEM WERE MADE IN 1984***
  • ***LOW SERIAL NUMBER: SS00246 ***

Why Buy A Designer Handbag From a Pawn Shop?

Pine Ridge Pawn Offers a Large Selection of Pre-Loved Designer Handbags.

Designer handbags are a luxury that most people are interested investing in, but not many are interested in spending the retail price. The good news is that there is a great way to save money and make it possible for more handbag enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of owning a high-end purse. If you are looking to add a designer bag to your repertoire, here’s why you should look to your local pawn shop for some of your favorite brands. 

Why Pawn Shops are a Great Place to Purchase Pre-Loved Designer Handbags?

With most modern pawnshops stepping into the luxury bag industry you will be able to find a wide selection of designer handbags, wallets, belts and much much more. The best part of shopping at a pawnshop is not just the prices but also knowing that the pawnbrokers are trained to know the difference between genuine designs and those that are counterfeit, customers can shop with confidence. Some pawnshops are even offering a (Entrupy) certificate to show the authenticity of the bag.

What Designers Brands Can You Find at a Pawn Shop?

The brands vary depending on the location of the pawn shop and the salability of the designers bags. The best way to find out if they carry the designers you wish to buy is to call and ask. Pawnshop tend to look for specific valuable brands that hold there value and purses that they can resell for a profit. Pawnshops are looking to sell popular designer brands that fit their customer cliental needs.

Cash loans for New & Pre-Owned Designer Handbags & Luxury Accessories.

Sell or Pawn Designer Handbags

With Pine Ridge Pawn we focus on name brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Prada, Hermes Birkin, Fendi, and Gucci.

Call us directly (239) 592-5400 or Visit us at our location 2033 Pine Ridge Rd Unit 4 Naples FL, 34109

Pine Ridge Pawn Safe Trade Zone

Making Exchanges and Trades Safer 

There’s nothing wrong with shopping on Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo or even Facebook Market Place. These sites are great for finding pre-owned items at good prices, they’re also great for selling.  However safe trading for everyone should be paramount. We created “Safe Trade Zone” for the buyer and seller to meet in a local safe environment.  Its not  practical to meet at an isolated parking lot or at your home for any transaction. Meet at our Safe Trade Zone where you can exchange safely. There’s no charge for the service.


Looking for that last minute gift for that special someone?
Find a way to do your last minute shopping easier and cheaper.
Locally owned pawn shops are the best places to find that one unique gift that you and your loved ones will always cherish. 

Maybe You’re looking for a ring, necklace or bracelet but can’t seem to find the right one, at the right price? Well did you know that the average markup for a retail jewelry store is 100% to 400% and sometimes even higher. With buying jewelry at a pawnshop, you know you have all right to ask for some sort of profthat the item is what they say it is, just like you can ask the jewelry store in the mall. Most pawn shops have a certified gemologist that can help you understand the items you see in a much easier way then most of the salesmen at the retail jewelry stores. A lot of people worry and wonder if it is safe to buy at a pawn shop, and the answer is yes absolutely.