When we collect jewelry, be it things we got on our own or as a gift, it usually means that it will stay with us for a long time. That is generally the plan. Gold is rarely bought to be sold immediately. Some people buy Gold as an investment, while others buy Gold as a […]

Valentine’s day is a day when we celebrate all forms of love. While love should be shown every day, having one time of the year to celebrate this great emotion makes it easier for us to gift someone something special. On valentine’s day, people tend to have a very wide selection of gifts that they […]

The day is finally here! It’s been a long journey, but your child, sibling, cousin, or friend has finally completed college. It was a ride and a half, but the day is finally here where they are done with an incredibly demanding, tiring, and difficult journey.  Going to college, completing it, and graduating is by […]

Don’t we all want that to be true!… But it could. According to PCGS grading company and realized auctions all over the world an MS67+ (and above) steel penny can bring you thousands of dollars! Unfortunately, most of the ones found now a days are in poor circulating condition. 1943 steel cents are U.S. one-cent […]